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Constantine will be having a very busy year of 2015 with all the activities and events organized, the schedule is as follows:



April 15, 2015 / 17h30

The parade of friendship and sharing, bringing together 22Arab countries and 6 regions of Algeria .

April 15, 2015 / 21h00

The show " Lights and murmurs of the rock " , including the illumination of

El Oued grooves and character representation historical Constantine on the walls of rock.

April 16, 2015 / 20h00

official Opening Inaugural speech and show songs, dances, light effects and images.

Throughout the year ANNUAL PROGRAMME

    • 5 retrospectives devoted to various artists Organization of 7 thematic exhibitions
    • Organization of large lounge Algerian sculpture
    • Organization of 11 exhibitions related to heritage, accompanied editions of books.
    • Exposure the perception of time, measurement, and instruments from ancient times to date.
    • Publishing more than 1,000 books in various fields
    • Organizations study days, symposiums and salons relating to books and publishing.
    • Organization of more than 180 major concerts along the year, between Great Room
    • Entertainment, dining Malek Haddad, and El Khalifa room.
    • Organization 195 concerts along the year, between the Esplanade the monument, bab el kantara, the esplanade of the breach theater regional and plaza of the university.
      36 Shows themes offered in the Palace of the Bey.
    • The organization of the nights of music and Arab song. Domiciliation of all cultural music festivals, Constantine.
    • The launch of three artistic caravans, bringing together nearly 3000 artists.
    • 36 shows national and international ballet.
    • 3 Dance Festivals (African Arab, folk and contemporary).
    • Editing a beautiful book about the history of the Algerian National Ballet. An artists' residence for ballet dancers training and choreographies.
    • Organization of the week the Arab folklore.
    • Organization of a competition for the best high school dance.
    • Organization 108 theater in Constantine and over200 theater performances in the provinces of the east during the year
    • Organization 12 comedy shows, to the room shows.
    • Establishment of two dinner theaters that offer two shows per week.
    • Organization of 4 major festivals, covering the main theatrical disciplines. Competition for the best high school theater piece.
    • Publication of a book on the Arab theater. Production of more than 40 theatrical works.
    • Artist residencies for training and theatrical writing. A theater trades training workshop.
    • Establishment of two symposia on the Theatre Square. In the Arab world.
    • Musical Heritage recording:
      • Edition of "Malouf of Constantine, Anthology," with 36 CD.
      • Recording and editing of 08 CD covers, Livert / DVD, different Malouf artists, and aroubi
      • Mahjouz.
      • Registration unpublished pieces by Sheikh Mostepha Lemsamer, Aissaoua songs and musical pieces Zendali.
      • Publishing five books on the essential elements of theConstantine tradition.
      • 2 exhibits Andalusian music and traditional music.
      • Mawlid
      • Ennabaoui
    • Documents Movies
      • Enachra, Hechaihchi, Aissaoua, Diwan, The music of Constantine, Chouyoukhs Constantine. Creation a regional orchestra of Constantine and a school music.
    • Rehabilitation works protected heritage areas Constantine
    • Archaeological excavations of realization
    • Establishment of a "school yard" with students and archeology teachers
    • Restoration of Dar Salah El Bey
    • Boxed edition of the journal "Collection of the archaeological society Constantine.
    • Rehabilitation and re-opening of the circuit "The path of the tourists."
    • Organization of visits to all archaeological sites, partnership with the Ministry of Education
    • Design and implementation of a medal of Constantine Organization of an international symposium on Africa Romaine Establishment of a large exhibition of ancient manuscripts Constantine Book publishing Nacéra Benseddik dedicated to Constantine
    • Edition of the book "CIRTA, Constantine, the celestial capital" of Khelifa Abderrahmane
    • Cultural organization of 4 weeks per month, each dedicated to a wilaya of the country
    • Organization of cultural weeks dedicated to each Arab country participant
    • Organization of meetings and seminars to 17 different themes
    • Production 05 feature films, 09 documentaries,
    • Projecting premieres at the rate of 03 pieces per month on the year. The works in question will be taken up in the provinces around the same month.
    • Organization of a competitive nature festival, bringing together all productions
    • Organization of film and video games
    • Establishment of a special program students, including the organization contest, the establishment of Playwriting Residency scenarios there projection from movie in the neighborhood common from Constantine, and the establishment of a training workshop for the management cinemas.