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About 200 km from Constantine, biskra is known to be the portal of the desert, on your way there you will see a road between two of the highest mountains of the atlas after which you will be welcomed by the palms, the dates and desert kind of scenery.


About biskra: During Roman times the town was calledVescera,[1] though this may have been simply a Latin transliteration of the native name. Around 200 AD under Septimius Severus' reign, it was seized by the Romans and became part of the province of Numidia. As a major settlement in the border region, it was significant even then. Its name was apparently bowdlerized by the Romans to Ad Piscīnam ("at the piscīna"), implying the presence of important waterworks. Biskra is the setting of key sections of André Gide's 1902 novel Immoralist and lesser known 1897 prose-poem Les nourritures terrestres (The Fruits of the Earth), and he visited the town in 1895 (for a fortnight from 31 January) withLord Alfred Douglas, following a meeting with Oscar Wilde in Blida and Algiers.The Hungarian composer Béla Bartók collected traditional music in Biskra in 1913. Diana Mayo, protagonist of Edith Maude Hull's popular 1919 novel The Sheik, starts her journey into the desert from Biskra.