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Skikda is only 70 km away from the heart of Constantine, by far the closest beaches destination, skikda is one of the of the biggest detinations during summer, being a coastal city that lacks big ports and all, it invested a bit in tourism how ever little it still is, the green giant mountains right by the golden beaches and the majestic corniche the city has, skikda makes an excellent trip as far as beaches, camping, hiking, fishing go, if you are around Constantine you should consider paying this city a visit. 


About skikda: The modern city of Skikda was founded in 1838 by the French on the ruins of an ancient Phoenician city which later flourished as a large Roman city called Rusicade, a Punic word which means "Promontory of fire". In the 5th century, the Roman port was destroyed by theVandals. The current city was founded by Sylvain Charles Valée, for the French to use as a port. The port was used for Qacentina. During this time, Valee would also build the largest Roman theatre in Algeria. It was built on top of ruins.