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  • Discover Constantine


About 200 km from Constantine, a bit far comparing to other coastal cities yeah, nevertheless the biggest destination for constantinians during summer, the services are amazing and the nature is captivating, mountains forests rivers and beaches, the layout of the old and new city are definitely to discover, the corniche portrays infinite beauty.


Like most of the large Algerian cities bejaia is quite the ancient city and has so much history, it stands on the site of the ancient city of Saldae, a minor port in Carthaginian and Roman times though the area was first inhabited by Numidian Berbers and founded as a veteran colony by emperor Augustus. It was an important town in the province of Mauretania Caesariensis, In the 5th century, Saldae became the capital of the short-lived Vandal Kingdom of the Germanic Vandals, around the 11th century the city was revived again under the name bejaia by the hammadid who made it their capital. Now days bejaia is the largest Berber speaking city in Algeria, culture, diversity, nature, beauty and history not to forget the welcoming great people are what makes bejaia the perfect city to visit, the city is also becoming familiar with so many touristic investments, hopefully going to be the next Mediterranean pearl.