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At about a 110 km from Constantine, situated between skikda to the east and bejaia to the west.

jijel is definitely one of the biggest destinations on constantinians and the east side of Algeria, jijel is the administrative and trade center of the region owning the biggest port is all africa and specializing in cork processing,leather tanning and steelmaking. Local crops include citrus and grain. Fishing is also of great importance. Tourists (mainly Algerians) are attracted to Jijel for its landscapes and fine sand beaches. Being a resort town, there are many hotels (more than 30) and restaurants. There arePhoenician tombs nearby. ijel (Igilgili), was first inhabited by Berbers tribes, most known were the Kutama. Originally a Phoenician trading post, the city passed successively for five centuries to the Romans with the name of Igilgili, then to the Vandals, the Byzantines, the Arabs, the Genoese and, in the 16th century, to the Ottoman Admiral Hayreddin Barbarossa.