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Constantinian cuisine is characterized by a wealth derived from terrestrial and marine production.

It is essentially Mediterranean and Saharan kitchen. It offers a variety of dishes component season, which gives a very diverse culinary palette. This cuisine that appeals to a multitude of products, still remains that of vegetables wheat and lentils that have always occurred in abundance in the country, once called "Grenier of Rome" then "Grenier of Europe. "In addition, the rich history of constantine contributed to the delivery of an abundance of native dishes from different periods and regions. Indeed, the conquest of Algeria was one of the main factors of exchange between the different peoples (Berbers, Arabs, Turks, Jews, Andalusian, and French). Among all specialties available in constantine, the most famous are the couscous, also recognized as a national dish, chekhchoukha which is probably the most famous at all in the city. There are almost zero books devoted to it, the constantinian cuisine is mainly relayed orally from generation to generation.

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Traditional dishesSweetsOthers
Chechchoukha                                                                    Makrout Kesra
Couscous Braj Khobz Dar
Osbana Baklawa Tea
Rfis Jouzia  
Jari Zlabia  
Chboh Safra Croquis  
Mahjouba Hrissa  
Tajine Flan  
Chwa Tamina