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Passerelle Perregaux

Inaugurated in 1925, the Passerelle Perregaux or Mellah Slimane footbridge is another one of French engineer Ferdinand Arnodin’s classic suspension bridges.  Passerelle Perregaux was Arnodin’s third high suspension bridge. The first was the 1887-built L’Abime bridge situated some 295 feet (90 meters) over the Cheran River in Gruffy, France. As an engineer, Arnodin would became most famous for designing 9 of the 20 transporter bridges ever built. Three of these rare transportation structures still exist and retain his signature mix of suspension and cable stays. Of all the dramatic bridges that cross the Oued Rhumel, none is as exciting to walk across as the Mellah Slimane Bridge, some 100m above the water. Stretching 125m long and a mere 2.5m wide, it joins the train station with the centre of the old town. Eight years in the making, it was opened in 1925 and is heavily used today, so much so that you will feel it swing and wobble as you cross the centrepoint. Steep steps lead up from the bridge to street level on the city side. A lift will save your legs.