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14 kms from el khroub, and part of ain abid city, although non recognized and barely taken care of the city has by far the largest megalithic necropolis in the whole Maghreb region, sadly even the citizens of the city and of Constantine are not aware of that.

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Ouled ziad

Agriculture, mountains caves is what comes to mind thinkingof ibn ziad also known as roufak, this city is quite the wild place, the forest of chettaba the largest in the region is accessible and a really nice place for hking and camping.

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Third city, and the biggest agriculture source in Constantine, a collection of small cities and villages, splendid nature mountains rivers, definitely a place for picnics, hiking and outdoor activities, also a home for the biggest ruins attaraction in the province, Tidis a magical place with a sight of roman ruins on the top of some mountains crossed by the rhymmel river.


About 15 km south to Constantine, le khroub is the second main city within the province, quite the historical city with multiple sites of roman ruins, and numidian (berber) sites as well.

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