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The Casbah is the top area of the medina of Constantine, covers an area of 5 hectares.

It is the administrative heart of the city at the time Bey with barracks and palaces. This area has been completely transformed in the colonial era with many destructions. The destruction concern djema el Kasba (Mosque of the Kasbah) djema Sidi Abd-el-Kader, Houmet-Keddida (a district of the Casbah) tourbiet Houka (meeting workshops weavers), as well as large houses including those of special Benhacine and Koutchouk-ALI2. The destruction has deeply transformed the Casbah, so that the architecture of the neighborhood is colonial style including building a barracks that was surrendered to the civil sector in 2013, The barracks will be a museum of the Art and crafts for the event "Constantine capital of Arab culture" in 2015. However, remnants of the Ottoman Casbah remain, like prison (habs), which according to local legend is installed in old Roman cisterns, and the mosque Koubet Bechir. Another famous place is in the Casbah is Kef Chekara (literally the bag of rock) which according to legend, unfaithful wives were thrown or enemies of the Bey.