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Zenith Constantine

In an original architecture combining beauty with functionality, replete with high-tech equipment, Zenith room Constantine, now nearing completion, is undoubtedly the flagship structure of the event "Constantine, the capital of 2015 Arab culture. " First of its kind in Algeria, this room with a capacity of 3,000 seats, conducted at the Zouaghi city, on the heights of Ain El Bey gives admire an imposing figure who seduces at first glance with its fully glazed facade and slope aluminum cover Launched in work there just one year, the Zenith Constantine reflects, as stated by the Minister of Housing, Planning and the city during a visit to Constantine, the power and Chinese know-how with the construction of a structure of 43,000 m2 in twelve months. A site where the dynamism is at its zenith ... At the entrance of the administrative block of the room, a sign indicates that there are 40 days to deliver the project. The China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), responsible for the study and the project, "Do not mess with the time and expects to meet its obligations by delivering the hall on March 15," said at the outset APS, Sonia, the Chinese site manager. Like a giant anthill site "swarming" of the world. Crews are working to put the seats in the large auditorium and in the adjoining room of 150 seats, Italian technicians put the final touches to the sound system, while other teams are working to install directional signs and various other facilities of this mega-project, all on background AEDs Malouf music. Outside the construction site, workers are finalizing work on the esplanade, others are working to maintain green spaces while another team loop tarring the East parking lot of the building. "We have already made the necessary technical tests of air conditioning, air handling unit (AHU), public sound systems, projectors and the safety device and the tests are conclusive, "said the engineer of management of public facilities (DEP), responsible for monitoring the site, Mourad Boutamine. Spanning a total area of 60,000 m2, the building at a footprint of 13,800 m2 and a total catch of built floor of about 43,000 m2. Its structure is three-dimensional with large spans of up to 24 meters high while its metal cover totaled 14,500 m2. The walls of the building, some of which reach 29 m in height are completely covered in aluminum. Site, gigantic, required at the height of activity, mobilization of not less than 1,000 workers. "Since the launch of the work, at least 200 people occupying the site 7 days 7", says Boutamine. In parallel, nearly sixty engineers and architects of the Chinese company, the Lebanese Dar El Handassa design office, the Algerian BEREP design office (design office engineering realization of projects) responsible for climate engineering, and DEP managers oversee a watchful eye work. Zenith concert hall was also the subject since the launch of the project, from architects visits and expert engineers in the contract between the client Dar El Handassa. A fortnightly meeting also includes the client (DEP) CSCEC and teams of project monitoring to assess the progress of work, says one. A huge asset for the city In this whirlwind of numbers, standards and statistics came a great fluidity structure reflecting a sense of transparency and lightness thanks to the light that floods the scene and materials, including glass and steel. Mr. Boutamine argues that beyond its lightweight aesthetic, the Zenith meets the technical criteria for a modular auditorium. The hall of 3,000 seats is the central element of this building designed as a space flexible, able to change its configuration to accommodate different shows The seats in the stalls are retractable and removable 1,000 chairs were set there with a space reserved for the disabled. The scene covers 600 m2. In this room that offers security conditions that meet the highest standards, particular attention was paid to "visual and auditory comfort, thanks to the multiple combinations stage and bleachers, and blackout possibilities of one or more parts of the total space, "says Boutamine. "The layout of the amphitheater bleachers as slope and allow maximum visibility, while the absence of echo and reverb guarantees a perfect sound," he says again. From either side of the room, deploy two theaters of 300 and 150 seats, an exhibition area of 2,400 m2 and a permanent gallery, smaller than 1.400 m2. The artist space consisting of "star lodges," "groups lodges", a catering area, a modular rehearsal room, a media room and two recording studios. The building also includes a consumer space and sales counters for spectators and service spaces, administrative offices, rooms for technicians and car parks. Complementing current cultural structures of the city, the Zenith Constantine confirms and consolidate the status of the regional capital of the city of bridges, a city that has chosen to turn resolutely towards modernity.