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About GLC

Who are we

Dutch Disease or in other words Algeria's almost 100 percent dependence on oil and gas, which has been the case for the last half a century (since independence). Although the great potential the country has, from its human capital to the huge area and natural and cultural diversity, Algeria has consistently depended only on oil and gas. Now that might have been understandable during the civil war but now the country is both politically and economically stable (thanks to the high prices of oil and gas). it’s the perfect time for a change in plans, and adopting a more sustainable source of income and economic dependence.

GLC is the first of its kind in Algeria, even the government has been investing zero time and effort to support this sector, a cursory look to the website of the ministry of tourism would be a sufficient answer that is because it is undergoing maintenance all year round the private sector in Algeria is still so weak almost 93% of companies in Algeria are import/export companies which by the way only imports. 

The way we are tackling this and what we are counting on :
The fact that it combines both the social aspect since the goal is creating a touristic Algeria away from depending on oil and gas(which gets people to adopt and accept and be part of the idea), and the aspect of a company that wants to grow and make profit. Focusing on local tourists: what made us think of that is the minister of tourism in Tunisia announcing that 40% of their touristic income comes from Algerians and knowing that Constantine is the only way to get to Tunisia that is quiet the edge, plus trying to attract those tourists to Constantine instead. Create a sense of belonging by promoting for carrying a symbol of the city and the country, a symbol our company is designing and would be selling, (everywhere we see Algerian flags, just watch any football game anywhere and you will be surprised so why not create a symbol) -Promoting and marketing Algeria is its self an innovative idea, since no one would have heard of Algeria if it wasn't for the football team. Using social media and a professional platform in an innovative interactive way. Spreading awareness stands and campaigns and a YouTube interactive channel. Use of English as a primary language, one of the main reasons Algeria failed to portray a touristic image is the lack of communication, and using a worldwide language is one way out.