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Mostaganem El ArssaMostaganem corresponds to the ancient Punic port of Murustaga. After becoming part of the Roman Empire, it was, according to some sources, officially renamed Cartennae under the emperor Gallienus (253–268). However, according to more weighty sources, Cartennae (or Cartenna or Cartennas) corresponds instead to modern Ténès, 50 km to the east.[3][4] In any case, Murustaga is the name by which the town was known when it became a Christian bishopric, and by which it is referred to in the Catholic Church's list of episcopal sees. It also underlies the modern name of Mostaganem.
The town was conquered by the Almoravids and reached its high point of power under Yusuf ibn Tashfin (c. 1061-1106). It was later ruled by the Ziyanids of Tlemcen and the Marinids of Fes. In the 16th century, the town resisted a Spanish invasion and came under the power of the Ottoman Hayreddin Barbarossa.

Orienation & sights

moustaganamThe territory of Mostaganem extends over an area of ​​2269 km² with 124 km of coastline and the province has a large coastline with wonderful beaches and various tourist and seaside potential.

Despite the wealth, extent, and the beauty of its beaches, tourism-related investment does not seem to take off when Mostaganem hosts each year, millions of holidaymakers.
20 km northeast of Mostaganem, of great natural beauty, a very fine sand better the nature of these places, the wild beauty of this site, the area of ​​its range in length 3500 m and a hundred feet deep, with a capacity of 14,500 swimmers, make it an ideal place for families and all vacationers during the summer season.
35 km east of Mostaganem, Benabdelmalek Ramdane Plage former Ouillis is considered one of the best beaches in the area, with its fine sand, its heavily wooded area and its geographic position of a length of 3000 meters and a capacity of 13,000 bathers.
Hadjadj Beach, 40 km from the capital of wilaya, very structured area by the beauty of its environment, its neighboring forests, its "dune" cord housing a fairly substantial number of sheds, offers all the amenities for a pleasant stay holidaymakers . With a length of 7,000 meters and a capacity of 30,000 bathers, beach is very popular with many visitors.
Petit Port beach, a secondary agglomeration of the Daira Sidi Lakhdar, 60 km from Mostaganem, remains the busiest corner of the coast with a high population density with a variety of sheds located north of the beach, various colonial style villas.
This is the most popular place for anyone staying or passing. Day or night, this magnificent place offers a special animation, compared to other beaches in the area.
Its immediate neighbor, Ain Brahim Beach, is one of the most famous in the country. Its natural appearance, the beauty of its landscape, its beautiful surrounding forests, its fresh, natural source, in the beach, make this place a paradise site. Holiday centers, diversity and the shape of its campsites, attract a lot of visitors.
It has three beautiful beaches 2350 meters, separated by rocks, part of an ambient décor popular with summer visitors. Some sources of water in the surrounding forests are a paradise for vacationers.
Ain Brahim-Plage, the queen of the coast mostaganémoise, charm, natural beauty, joy of living there were sung by different artists and told by many poets.
Kef El-Asfar, Bahara, Zerrifa Sidi Abdelkader and Kef Kadouss, still in the area, is in the daïra Achaâcha, 80 km from the capital of wilaya are of incomparable beauty, by their wildness.
The forested environment, beautiful forests offer ideal conditions for fishing, hunting and hiking. Historical curiosities, made by a former Phoenician port (Menard) offers a wonderful site to visit.
Sablettes beaches and the Salamander, by their geographical location, infrastructure development remain the most frequented sites, as all the conditions are met for a pleasant stay. Each summer, a daily flow, very special, exceeding the standards is recorded, especially on weekends, where hundreds of buses, minibuses, small cars, flock to the beaches, came from Relizane, Chlef, Saida, Mascara and Oran.
A Waterfront built for the occasion, different dairies, cafeterias, restaurants, kebabs merchants attract many visitors. At each end of the afternoon, these beaches are returning to the festival, where musical evenings are organized.
Macta located 20 km west of the province offers charming operate. Uncrowded given the lack of adequate structures amenities, this beach deserves more attention. The Stidia, 15 km to the west of Mostaganem, the Stidia-Plage has special characteristics with its rocky area. Fishing enthusiasts and diving frequently go there and make these places their favorite spot. Its bedrock requires extensive exploitation.
Kharrouba, 3 km from the city, it is a few years a privileged place for the Conservatives, coveted by the ancestral families. The attendance rate is still high day and night. During the summer, a dense and constant movement animates the environment.
Musical evenings, folk and other meddahate succeeded in an atmosphere of traditional family holiday. Kharrouba-Plage, known as Sidi El-Mejdoub, is characterized by its rich history, is now abandoned.
The hotel industry, tourism infrastructure base are still largely lacking for such a coastal region that deserves thoughtful and sustained attention from the officials concerned for a real tourism promotion.


Hôtel Royal (0 45 21 36 25, 52, Avenue Cherik-Saïd, Mostaganem, 27000, Algérie.)
Hôtel Senoucia (045 33 97 53, Plage de la Salamandre, Mostaganem, 27000, Algérie.)
Hôtel El Feth (045 33 98 27, Plage des Sablettes, Mostaganem, 27000, Algérie.
Hôtel Murustaga (045 33 93 25, Plage des Sablettes, Mostaganem, 27000, Algérie.)
Hôtel El Mountazah (045 33 97 53, Plage de la Salamandre, Mostaganem, 27000, Algérie.)
Hôtel Palacio (045 21 93 15, 28 Rue Bensikaddour Mohamed, 27000, Mostaganem, Algérie)