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El kala


445136087 c2fc165727 zAlgeria is home to a variety of national parks, and one of the most diverse and beautiful parks, the El Kala National Park, finds itself in a very vulnerable position, even though everything is being done to protect the area and educate the public. UNESCO recognized the El Kala National Park as a biosphere reserve in 1990, as it is home to an extremely unique ecosystem, and since its establishment in 1983, nature conservationists have been working tirelessly to ensure the survival of the fauna and flora of the park.
El kala is one of these Mediterranean magical laid back cities, although on the Tunisian borders, the city doesn’t have a lot of crowds, except those passing by, it is a natural resort, one that has been listed by the UNESCO, El Kala National Park has become famous for its variety of ecosystems that consists of an marine ecosystem, breathtaking mountains, dense woodlands, picturesque forests and numerous lakes. With having such a wide variety of habitats, the park is home to approximately eighty seven thousand animals and birds of which many are on the endangered list. At present researchers are using the El Kala National Park to research forests, water birds and dragonflies and guided tours offered by the park hopes to create more public awareness amongst the approximately thirty thousand visitors who come to the park annually. For avid bird watchers, the park has a great number of bird watching towers and younger visitors will enjoy exploring the mini-zoo and eco-museum. Creating these facilities and promoting the biodiversity of the park has seen an increase in foreign visitors, but the park aims to create a larger tourism opportunity.
At present urbanization on the outskirts of the park and the proposed building of a highway is threatening the survival of the park, but efforts are being made to convince authorities to move the highway further away. Visitors to Algeria should take advantage of the opportunity to explore this magnificent national park, as the El Kala National Park is truly a natural wonder and worthy attraction.
The city doesn’t have a strong touristic infrastructure but all the reason more to visit if relaxing and getting away all the stress is your goal.


Hôtel Le Moulin(038 66 07 51, El Kala, 36000, Algérie.)
Hôtel El Morjane (038 86 24 26, El Kala, 36000, Algérie.)
Hôtel El Manar(038 66 24 05, El Kala, 36100, Algérie.)


CAP BON (038 66 08 01, Rue Point Chacal El Kala Algerie, El Kala 36000,Algerie)